Bluetooth Cowin E7 Pro Headphones

By | July 23, 2018

Cowin E7 Pro Headphones











  • Over 30H Playtime
  • Professional Active Noise Cancelling
  • Bluetooth technology
  • Wind Noise Reduction


  • Not compatible with all devices
  • High price

It’s pretty much safe to say that everyone loves music, any type of music, from country to rock and hip hop. But not everyone knows how to enjoy their music. Most people just buy a really cheap pair of phone earphones for $5 at your local electronics store. Those aren’t good for anything. Maybe you could use the wire to tie something up, but you shouldn’t even think about listening to music using those.

Cowin E7 Pro Headphones Bluetooth connectivity

If you want to enjoy every frequency in your favorite song, you better get a nice pair of headphones and you will never regret your decision. A good example is this pair of Cowin E7 Pro Headphones. To briefly show you the specifications, it’s a wireless pair of headphones, using Bluetooth, with an 800mAh battery. Now, let’s go through each of these specs.

Cowin E7 Pro HeadphonesFirst of all, they’re wireless, so no more wires to limit your experience. Maybe you want to lay in your bed as you’re listening to music on your computer which is far away. Now you can easily do that, as long as your headphones have enough battery. The Bluetooth connectivity means a much better immersive experience when listening to your favorite songs. It’s much faster and higher quality, and you won’t need those tall infrared adapters that you would otherwise need with generic wireless headphones. None of that. These use Bluetooth, which is the way every pair should be. It’s 2018, and Apple was right. We really need to get rid of wires, because we already have the technology needed.



Cowin E7 Pro Headphones autonomy

Secondly, the 800mAh battery means a really long playtime. If you’re not a numbers person, let’s just say it’s pretty good. Your phone typically has a battery anywhere from 2000 to 3000mAh. But that’s a smartphone, with a display, cameras, processor and other things that kill battery. But here we’re talking about a pair of headphones that only has to power the speakers. So an 800mAh will be more than enough to go through your whole playlist. They advertise that they should last for 30 hours on a full charge. The charge time is a little high at 4 hours, but you can simply use another charger to fill up the battery in a matter of minutes.

Cowin E7 Pro Headphones sound quality

As for sound quality, let’s just say that it’s amazing. Of course they multiple speakers to cover every possible frequency. There’s no point in giving you other adjectives to express how good they sound, but based on the user reviews, they sound really nice. One reviewer says that he has used these headphones on plane flights and that they do a great job of blocking all the ambient noises. It’s not that surprising, because they have active noise cancelling, a relatively new technology that should be present on any pair of headphones. They also come with Bluetooth 4.0, as I mentioned before, which is probably the newest version available, so connectivity with your brand new smartphone won’t be a problem. This also means a much more immersive experience when listening to music, even if you’re on a plane or a bus. The soft ear cushions also do a great job of blocking the other noises, but if you really want to feel like you’re on the stage with your favorite singers, turn on the ANS mode and just enjoy. If you suddenly realize that you need to get off, you don’t have to take your phone out of your pocket to turn off the music. This pair of headphones has a few buttons for play/pause and volume up and down, so you won’t even need to move your hands that much in order to skip to the next track.

Cowin E7 Pro Headphones 2To sum up, this pair is a great choice if you’re an amateur when it comes to headphones. They come with the freshest and greatest technologies out there, they’re easily foldable, so you can fit them literally anywhere. They’re just a great deal if you’re into music. Get it now and you won’t regret.

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