AgfaPhoto DC-600UW Tripod and Grip

By | July 31, 2018

AgfaPhoto DC-600UW Tripod











  • Flexible
  • 360-Degree Rotation
  • Non-Slip Feet


  • Height

AgfaPhoto is a photographic company from Europe, currently sold to Lupus Imaging and Media. After a quick research, I was able to tell that they have a wide array of products that they manufacture, including digital cameras, analog cameras, various cards and accessories for said devices, even film that you can use in old cameras. They pretty much do anything that somehow relates to lenses, like lens cleaners, binoculars, optical devices and other stuff. Too bad they don’t manufacture telescopes, that would’ve really raised the value of the company.

You may not be able to purchase the AgfaPhoto DC-600UW camera new, but of course you can buy some accessories if you already have one and you think that you don’t use your device enough. But first, some specifications of this camera. It has been mainly created to be used underwater, thus it has a plastic body that perfectly covers the internals. It’s quite old, and this can be seen from the sensor which is only 6MP. But today’s smartphones aren’t that far off, so this won’t be a huge problem. It can record at 480p and it uses generic SD cards, so you won’t need to worry about storage space. I think it’s still a great deal if you can find it for a reasonable price, given the fact that there are still lots of accessories designed just for this camera.


1. Tripod for Agfaphoto DC-600UW

Tripod for Agfaphoto DC-600UW

What’s worse than not having a camera? Buying a camera and not having a tripod. I thought that you can easily use a camera with your bare hands, but you will see that unless it has good enough optical stabilization, which usually isn’t the case, things get too shaky too fast. So you can solve this problem really easily by getting a tripod. This one is large enough to fit all your needs, standing at 50″, which is about 1.3 meters for all of you metric system lovers. It has a 360-degree rotation and bendable legs, meaning that you won’t need to move the whole tripod if you want to get a better shot of something. The bendable legs will make it a lot easier for you to stabilize it on any surface. Also, the feet have a special design that make them slip proof.

2. Stabilizing Handle for Agfaphoto DC-600UW

Stabilizing Handle for Agfaphoto DC-600UW

If you feel like you don’t really need a tripod, there are other options. This “Scorpion” grip as it’s otherwise known will easily do the trick and you will get perfect pictures. It’s made just for this camera and it even features a tripod mount if you already have one and you only need a grip. It has a foamy feel that will blend in perfectly with the shape of your hand and also makes for a non-slippery surface. Also, when people see you coming with something like this, they’ll think that you have a proper video camera that probably costs thousands of dollars.

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