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By | July 31, 2018

Battery for Agfaphoto Optima 100











  • Capacity
  • Technology
  • Lifetime


  • High Price

These days, people tend to keep on their old stuff. This is not a bad thing, because those devices may be worth a lot of money in a few years. The worst part is that electronics don’t do a really great job in being kept in a good condition, meaning that they usually break sometimes in a matter of months. That’s why it’s pretty hard to find old, working pieces of technology. A wonder of the modern is the ability to find spare parts for pretty much anything.

If you have an Agfaphoto Optima 100 camera, you may be in luck, because this article is dedicated to all of you owners of this exact device. This is still a great choice if you need a quick way to take some pictures, if you think that your phone doesn’t do a great job in capturing your best moments. Of course, it’s an old camera, but the Agfaphoto Optima 100 has a 10MP sensor that is still great these days. You won’t need to worry about storage, because it has the ability to upgrade, meaning that you can just throw an SD card in there and never run out of space. It has quite a few settings for taking pictures, but mostly common features that you can find on your average phone, nothing special. It’s a great choice if you have an old smartphone or it constantly runs out of battery when you feel like you found the perfect shot.

1. Battery for Agfaphoto Optima 3, Agfaphoto Optima 100, Agfaphoto Optima 102, Agfaphoto Optima 103

Battery for Agfaphoto Optima 3, Agfaphoto Optima 100, Agfaphoto Optima 102, Agfaphoto Optima 103

The main failing point in old cameras is, of course, the battery. Your old one may still be able to hold a charge, but it just won’t even compare to a newer one. You may struggle to record a 5 minute video, but with a new battery this won’t be a problem. This one is compatible with a wide array of cameras from Agfaphoto. No need to search through the whole internet in order to find the perfect match to your old battery. It has a 660 mAh capacity, meaning a pretty decent battery life. The downside is the price, which is a little high, but it’s acceptable.

2. Screen Protector for AgfaPhoto Optima 100

Screen Protector for AgfaPhoto Optima 100

You will definitely want to keep your display safe if you have any camera, because they are just so expensive to replace. You may even find yourself getting another camera if you break your display on your old one. That’s where this screen protector comes in. It’s perfectly compatible with the display of the AgfaPhoto Optima 100. It will protect it from scratches and from shattering if you accidentally drop your device. It has a bubble-free design, so you will not be bothered by those ugly air bubbles that slowly find their way underneath the screen protector. Overall, it’s the perfect choice for giving your camera’s display a little more protection.

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