Canon EOS 2000D Battery and Manual

By | August 2, 2018

Canon EOS 2000D Battery











  • Lifetime
  • Multiple Chargers
  • Capacity


  • Weight

A DSLR is a great choice for any amateur photographer, even for professional ones. It offers a great picture quality, versatility, tons of accessories and also the “cool factor”. Everyone will want you to take a picture of them when they see you around with one.

The Canon EOS 2000D has been and still is a great value if you can find it for a reasonable price. It may have been a little expensive before. but everything pays off. If you paid the full price back then, you can still use it and you shouldn’t even think about upgrading. It comes with a 24MP sensor that can take pictures at a really high resolution in a wide variety of available formats, even RAW, that you can use for later adjustments. It can record at 1080p 30 FPS, which is still acceptable, or you can choose 720p at 60 FPS if you like a smoother video. You can upgrade the flashlight, the microphone, the lens. You can pretty much upgrade anything you want on this camera.

1. User Manual for Canon EOS 2000D

User Manual for Canon EOS 2000DOne thing you cannot upgrade that easily is your photography skill. Fortunately, there are tons of guides that will teach you small tricks. In my opinion, a manual dedicated only to your camera is the best choice, because each DSLR has different settings, different tricks that can’t possibly be covered in a guide for any camera. This user manual is made for Canon EOS 2000D, so if you think you don’t know enough about your camera, if you believe you’re not that good of a photographer or if you simply want to know more, you should definitely think about getting a copy for yourself. This guide will teach you how to become a master in photography and maybe take professional level shots.



2. Battery Pack for Canon EOS 2000D

Battery Pack for Canon EOS 2000D

Overtime, any kind of battery becomes used and doesn’t last that long on a single charge and, sadly, cameras are no exception. You should maybe change your camera’s battery every two years if you moderately use it, because you may find yourself asking for a charger every time you go on a trip. Batteries need lots of care, for instance you shouldn’t leave them charging all night. There are other tricks that will boost your battery’s capacity, but if none of them work, you can simply buy another one. This one is made for Canon EOS 2000D/1100D/1200D/1300D, Kiss X50/X70, Rebel T3/T5/T6. If you got any of these, you can safely get this pack and you will see that your DSLR will feel like new.

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